RE: SQLLDR using Direct=True with Multiple Physical Records

From: Mason, Tara <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:56:54 -0600
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Yes, I am going to use the exp/imp to load the data into test. But still wanted to see if there was any way to load this type of data using sqlldr with direct=true - for future reference.

There are multiple physical records because the linesize is not long enough when the data is dumped. This particular table has many varchar columns.


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Mason, Tara wrote:

> I need to move data from a production table to the test table.
> I would like to use sqlldr with DIRECT=TRUE

Are you moving all rows or a subset of rows? If you are moving all rows then you should consider exp/imp instead of sqlplus/sqlldr.

> The problem I have is there are multiple physical records on
> the file for one row on the table.  To retrieve the data from
> the production side I execute the following SQL statement: 
> SELECT COL1 || ','|| COL2 || ',' ||, etc.  There are many
> varchar columns on this table; therefore, the number of physical
> lines can vary. 

Are there multiple lines per row because there are CR/LFs embedded in the column values, or because the linesize in sqlplus was not long enough when you dumped the data?


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