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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 12:10:08 -0500
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Hi Finn,

I have not tried this but I believe you can create pfile from spfile, add parameters to pfile and create spfile from modified pfile.


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logfile_name_convert set in spfile


I'm in the process of testing data guard switchover in 10.2. A while back I learned that log_file_name_convert must be set on the standby (as per note 352879.1) in order to avoid ORA-19527's in the alert log. In a switchover the old primary becomes the new standby. As such it needs this parameter set prior to being started as the new standby to avoid the errors.  

The problem now becomes that this parameter can not be changed with an
"alter system" command, not even if I specify "scope=spfile" (the manual
says it can only be changed with "alter session" ). If my old primary is running on an spfile I am therefore unable to set this parameter at all (at least, not without first creating a pfile, starting the primary on that pfile, then creating a new spfile, which is clumsy).  

Anybody have any input on this dilemma? Seems Oracle shot them self in the foot a little bit on this one.  


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