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Yes, Apache was fairly easy due to rotatelogs feature program, I approached it this way, but have not finished any decent documentation:

APACHE: Note 339819.1, 377466.1, 438705.1, 436690.1 I clean up the rotated access*.logs and error*.logs with my shell script that is a partner to all these changes....  

Note that 'Text Logging' is for OC4J instances - this is those areas that allow ODL logging (Oracle Diagnostic Logging). ODL are logs in xml format with xml extensions, and can be read from the application server GUI. Indeed, oracle suggests text logging only for development servers anyway.  

Recall in my initial response that I mentioned all kinds of things associated with the AS that produce logs. I do not have a count right now, but just for my default installation it is over 20 separate logs. Most will do some type of rotation and cleanup, but some do not clean up like opmn logs configured to rotate (ons and ipm logfiles), (and Apache already mentioned).  

I am presently at the point where I have some doing it and some still to be done, (because of the incremental way I made changes to various configuration files). This leaves some files and/or directories obsolete, and some obsolete (but still being used by something). The goal is to only have files/directories that are my final ones, and a shell script that cleans up those not self cleansing.  

By the time I am done, the new version will be more 'user friendly' and do it for me :-)

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Have you tried using piped logs? I don't have any experience with it, but they mentioned in it at my OAS Admin class and it looks like it could be helpful: tml#piped



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P.S. The text logs continue to grow.... At about 2Gbs they impact performance.... And at some point can crash some things.... Just one aspect of maintaining the logs.  

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