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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 18:06:11 +0000
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You are still not being specific about what BlueArc is trying to fix. Is it problems with the Titans, the network failover between the Titans, the disk, the network interface itself, ???

What disk solution was chosen to sit behind the Titans as you have choices in that area based on cost and RAID protection desired?

As to alternatives the real question is what are you looking for? High Availability or low cost or a mixture of highest availability at a specific budget? There are a variety of systems from low end to mid-range to high end. Each one has it's strengths and weaknesses. In most cases the availability comes down to the avaiability of the drives themselves and what RAID level you chose to implement versus how hard are you pushing your system that will elongate your MTTR and possibly collide with your next MTBF based on number of overall drives and number of drives within a RAID set. Does performance degradation figure into your availability?

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> Well, the unit is fairly new and bluearc is diligently trying to fix
> things as fast as they can.
> the problem is one of the core departments whose database is on the
> storage are pushing the management to consider other options.
> And some of the universities i got in touch with have different storage
> system for different applications. So i have been asked to research if
> we are heading the wrong way by moving our applications to one
> centralized storage.
> Thanks
> Mir
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