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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:26:28 -0500
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Yes, I am the only DBA here, and AS went in as part of EM Grid. Sun Solaris. I am presently working on a cleanup script, (and other in combination) to rotate all logs without shutting down anything. Ie opmnctl  

This has become quite a project and I have created a document(s) to help decipher all that is involved, and it is not nearly complete. (I can send it to get input on how helpful it is - note it is still a work in progress. (now on orion-application.xml's)).  

I am not doing any of it from webcache admin or app server admin, or em admin. Perhaps after I have it all finely tuned I will begin looking at some of the GUI options. I have found out that not all options are available in the GUI(s). Like... I believe it is Webcache that will allow rotation size and period in the xml, where the gui only allows one, (but not going to double check now).  

I can't count the logs yet. Logs include but are probably not limited to opmn, webcache, apache, sysman, oc4j (j2ee)... I'll stop there.

Some are self cleaning.... Like turning off text logging and turning on ODL logging for all oc4j instances. But then now you have about 6 or 7 xml files for each oc4j instance, and I have three instances by default. Now instead of one file for each type of log (text logging), you have 6 (or so) directories of logs and an equivelant amount of configuration xml files to edit. (I can't get to hands off log rotation and maintenance solely from the Gui, which is why I am not using it now).  

I am doing all my edits in the xml configuration files. For instance, text logging is simpler but it each type will write to a log file, and only one log file forever, and you have to shutdown to delete or rotate it. ODL logging changes directory structures and is self cleaning.  

Anyway, that was just to highlight some of the complexity to maintain an app server that Only is there for EM! It is taking more time that I anticipated, and there is a learning curve, not to mention 'documenting' what you think you learned.  

I expect this to drag on for a couple more weeks, (not full time), but wish to get back to some "DBA" stuff.      

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 727-2546

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Hi List,  

I've recently been enlisted as the admin for Oracle App Server 10gR2 and every day I'm realizing more and more how much effort this is going to require for setup and ongoing support. I have no prior App Server experience so this is no minor task for me to pick up. This is our company's first experience with OAS so we're trying to figure out whose responsibility it should be ultimately and I'm just curious what other shops typically do. Are any of you DBAs also being asked to take on OAS admin (similar to an "Apps DBA"), or do your shops have dedicated staff for this role, or another group that takes this on in addition to their primary role?  



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