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From: Tony van Lingen <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:40:37 +1000
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My condolances! I went through this over a year ago and yes it is a lot of headache. I had no prior experience either and I found that there isn't a whole lot of documentation to go on either. I get the impression that not many shops actually use OAS? Wouldn't be surprised... :(

We don't have dedicated staff for it - it's Oracle so it's automatically regarded as a task for the Oracle DBA..


Allen, Brandon wrote:
> Hi List,
> I've recently been enlisted as the admin for Oracle App Server 10gR2
> and every day I'm realizing more and more how much effort this is
> going to require for setup and ongoing support. I have no prior App
> Server experience so this is no minor task for me to pick up. This is
> our company's first experience with OAS so we're trying to figure out
> whose responsibility it should be ultimately and I'm just curious what
> other shops typically do. Are any of you DBAs also being asked to
> take on OAS admin (similar to an "Apps DBA"), or do your shops have
> dedicated staff for this role, or another group that takes this on in
> addition to their primary role?
> Thanks,
> Brandon
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