RE: RAC Vs Standby Database between Primary and Secondary Data Centers

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            No, he wasn't a VP in IT, but of the bean counter discipline. Worse kind to have to address technical issues with. BTW: the sales & marketing and Manufacturing folks did get together shortly thereafter to quantify what it would cost the company for three different application systems if their DB's died unexpectedly. The resulting spreadsheet was a serious eye opener to upper management (including the subject VP) and we didn't get too much fight out of them thereafter, though we did maintain a 4 hour MTTR on those systems.  

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If your VP is in IT industry and still says that if disk has not failed in last 3 years so it won't fail in next 3 year either, then he does not deserve to be VP.  

One thing to remember is, if there is something which can go wrong, then it will go wrong for certain at point in time. You just have to make people aware of that failure and consequences. If they are willing to take risk associated with it, then there is no problem in having a single instance database either. If unplanned downtime is not acceptable, then business needs to pay for that availability.


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