Re: RAC Vs Standby Database between Primary and Secondary Data Centers

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What about "stretch clusters"? You can (allegedly) separate your RAC nodes by several kilometres (up to 30 miles/50 km seems to be regarded as acceptable). Of course that has an impact on interconnect speed so you'd also probably want to partition your workload very carefully - but the theory is plausible (it had better be - my current project is expecting to use a stretch cluster).

So if one data center goes down (maybe it was just short of runway 271 at Heathrow the other day), you still have one/some of your nodes in the surviving centre...

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    RAC is not a High Availability solution in and of itself. RAC [snip] ... will protect you against a single server failure in your local data center. Standby can protect you against a single server failure as well, but adds protection for a 9/11 incident at the same time..

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I need your opinion regarding setting up High Availability solution between Primary and Secondary Data Centers. Is it better to go with Oracle RAC or Oracle Standby database.

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