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            Sorry for a late response, but I don't read the list that often for several reasons. But, yes I have seen problems like that with PeopleSoft. The best solution I ever came up with was to put the database in the cost mode of operation and maqking sure stats were uptodate. Otherwise your only alternative is to complain to PeopleSoft which isn't going to get a response anywhere in the foreseeable future as they do not test their code with volumes of data.  

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Subject: Question for PeopleSoft DBAs out there  

We've a NVS RPTBOOK that keeps going out to lunch on PS_LEDGER with a Cartesian Join. We're using PeopleSoft Financials 9 and I've tried to tweak the performance any way I can and cannot get this query to come back.  

The NVS RptBooks use templates where you specify the criteria so the underlying query can't be rewritten. We're running CHOOSE with Oracle  

Anyone come across anything like this before?  

Here's the query:  

SELECT l1.tree_node_num, l2.tree_node_num, SUM (a.posted_total_amt)


   WHERE a.ledger = 'ACTUALS'

     AND a.fiscal_year = 2006

     AND a.accounting_period BETWEEN 1 AND 12

     AND l1.selector_num = 14422

     AND a.deptid >= l1.range_from_10

     AND a.deptid <= l1.range_to_10

     AND ( l1.tree_node_num BETWEEN 1996093750 AND 1997802733

          OR l1.tree_node_num BETWEEN 1998046875 AND 1999023436

          OR l1.tree_node_num BETWEEN 1999267577 AND 1999389646

          OR l1.tree_node_num BETWEEN 1999450682 AND 1999511717


     AND l2.selector_num = 13780

     AND a.ACCOUNT >= l2.range_from_10

     AND a.ACCOUNT <= l2.range_to_10

     AND ( l2.tree_node_num BETWEEN 1687500000 AND 1734374999

          OR l2.tree_node_num BETWEEN 1750000000 AND 1874999999


     AND l.selector_num = 13782

     AND a.business_unit = l.range_from_05

     AND l.tree_node_num BETWEEN 1750000000 AND 2000000000

     AND a.currency_cd = 'USD'

     AND a.statistics_code = ' '

GROUP BY l1.tree_node_num, l2.tree_node_num      

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