Re: memory problem - oracle 10203 on HPUX

From: Ujang Jaenudin <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 08:47:22 +0700
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the CPU utilization never goes up more than 30%. and luckily no log/trace files on all stack OS/clusterware/database, when reboot happened.

MTS is another plan....

but why there is so many big difference between oracle reported (AWR) and OS?? I thinking of OS memory management problem, how to dig into it?

oh ya OS version is B.11.11 HP-UX PA-RISC.


On Jan 20, 2008 8:20 AM, <> wrote:
> Ujang,
> Since you mention RAC I suspect this is probably node eviction - the cause
> could be cpu utilization (not mentioned) or swap consumption preventing
> heart beat messages and consequently resulting in node eviction. Look at the
> ocssd.log on the surviving node. How many nodes in your cluster and how busy
> are the other nodes (cpu, swap)?
> If my understanding of memory usage is correct (as seen in Solaris) the
> process maps the SGA and is part of its virtual space and has to reserve
> swap proportional to it. I address that using shared servers (MTS) since
> only a few processes (in your case 50) need be active and not the 1500 since
> you can get away with about 75 shared servers processes (if you are not
> already using this capability).
> The system logs or the crs/css logs will give you that information. The
> other thing to look for is the progressive build up and usage of swap.
> Regards,
> -Krish
> Krish Hariharan
> President/Executive Architect, Quasar Database Technologies, LLC
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> Subject: memory problem - oracle 10203 on HPUX
> folks,
> I have a machine (RAC configuration) on HPUX - PARISC.
> in a node I have 38GB physical memory, 8 processors.
> the machine could not run with asynchronous IO, so I set io slave to
> 8, and dbwr to 1.
> at AWR report, it said that 2GB memory for PGA is enough, and 12GB of
> SGA mostly enough.
> concurrent user is 1000 until maximum 1500 users connected.
> at one time only 30-50 concurrent active with OLTP transaction.
> at the OS perspective, it said that mostly 90-100% memory has been used,
> even when high load, 50% of the swap will be used also.
> almost every 20 days, the server is rebooted itself,
> I think this is due to lack of memory....
> why between OS and oracle side there has much big different of memory
> usage???

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