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From: Tanel Poder <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 13:06:47 +0800
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You need to kill ARCx processes if you want to stop them. Oracle instance will just restart the archivers if it finds them dead. Make sure you test this on your version/platform first though before using in live.  

One reason which can leave open deleted files lying around can be faulty archivelog backup/transfer/compress scripts, which do not check whether the archivelog is still open before deleting/moving/compressing the file. Such scripts should always check whether the file is closed (and archiving is complete) either with fuser or by querying v$archived_log. Otherwise you may end in worse trouble than just filesystem full - having only partial copies of archivelogs.. and being unable to perform recovery.

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Subject: Re: df shows 100% on a empty filesystem-

Hi Krish,

Even though alert log shows ARCHIVE LOG STOP has been deprecated 
I still  tried  alter system ARCHIVE LOG STOP for an  hour ( as I have
enabled the log_archive_dest_state_3  pointing to a different filesystem)
but it didnt help me .. 

I do see lsof pointing to /ofs/archivelog01  but the problem is  that there
are multiple unix pid owned by  oracle  doing something on
/ofs/archivelogs01 . 


On Jan 16, 2008 5:05 PM, <> wrote:

We have seen this in our large environments where several hundred gb gets
tied up. Removing the files will not work since you are only manipulating
the directory entries and unless the inode is released the OS will not
release the space and that will happen only when the process that has those
file handles open, closes them or is terminated. We end up shutting down the
database and on occasion reboot the server. When you move files across file
system you are again copying the files and then removing the directory
entries in the source file systems. The process that has the files open is
not affected by the rename/removal of a file's directory entry.


I have looked at these processes using the files by using fuser but I
haven't found that generally useful since it tends to dump all the oracle
processes. The other utility that I know of but haven't used is lsof which
gives the list of open files.


A long shot: One approach you may be able to take is to issue an archive log
stop for a brief period (not sure if this will stop the archiver or not
since the alert log says it is deprecated and the processes are still
hanging around) and see if it posts/causes the archiver to release the file
handles and allow the os the release the space (assuming that you have
sufficiently large and a large number of redo log groups such that
transaction processing is not arrested).




Krish Hariharan 

President/Executive Architect, Quasar Database Technologies, LLC


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Subject: Re: df shows 100% on a empty filesystem-


Hi Mir,

This db is on solaris 8 .  it do not have a lost and found . The du -a
shows me the correct picture but the problem is i can not take down the db
or  unmount the file system now.


On Jan 16, 2008 3:51 PM, Mir M. Mirhashimali <> wrote:


I was in a similar situation recently. even after moving files from the
directory it was showing 100%. check "lost and found" or ".snapshot" i
am on redhat linux so not sure if this applies to you. 

Hope this Helps

Prasad wrote:

> All,
> The database is 10gR2 db running on solaris 8 .. There was archiver
> hung on archlogs01 filesystem . I moved all the archive logs to the
> backup filesystem . however df still shows archlogs01 100% filled.
> du shows correctly
> du -a /ofs/archlogs01
> 4 /ofs/archlogs01/oracle/PLLS
> 6 /ofs/archlogs01/oracle
> 10 /ofs/archlogs01
> gdf -h shows incorrect
> gdf -h | grep /ofs/archlogs01
> /dev/dsk/c2t0d11s0 2.9G 2.9G 2.0k 100% /ofs/archlogs01
> fuser -c do not show me any active process running on /ofs/archlogs01
> archive log stop also didnt help .
> Any suggestions!
> Prasad

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