Re: Index clustering factor

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 09:12:53 -0000
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Sorry, I wouldn't have a clue, I don't use OEM - and I always get lost when someone makes me hunt through the screens.

However, if you can see the run-time execution plan - which I believe you can, although that might mean using one of the performance pack screens in 10g, it should show you the filter_predicates and access_predicates columns from v$sql_plan.

If OEM can't do that, then you'll just have to query v$sql_plan directly - either by writing the SQL or, if you're on 10g, calling dbms_xplan.display_cursor with the sql_id as it's first input.


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Jonathan, can you expand upon the question, "what does OEM tell you about the run-time predicates?" a bit.

Where in OEM would I look if wanted to answer that question?

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