RE: Merge datafile to Another DATABASE

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I will drop another angle that has not been touched in this thread. If this is a speculative, academic, or an actual situation/question, then the rest of the threads have addressed that.  

However if you are trying to protect the database from such an eventuality then the correct way to address that is using sound Backup, HA, and DR policies, that minimize both downtime and data loss. Case in point: I have administered backups for over 300 dbs ranging from versions 8.0.4 - and every patchset in between, with sizes from a few GB to 30TB over the last 9 years. In all this time, I have had to only unload one 16K block of records; about 44 records. The rest of it is handled by Logminer, media recovery (with outage only to the failed component and its dependents) or by recovering the databases to alternate hosts and transporting the data.  



Krish Hariharan

President/Executive Architect, Quasar Database Technologies, LLC


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Subject: Merge datafile to Another DATABASE  


I have two different Database server (A, B) with same Database.

If A server database is damaged, but A_USER_ Datafile is fine.

In A Server, export and expdp are not working.  

Is possible get A_USER_Datafile and merge to B database?  


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