RAC instance bring up Terminating after "SMON: enabling cache recovery" .... Help

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 14:55:27 +0530
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In a Benchmark Setup:-


1) CPUs increased to 80 from from 24 on 1 of the RAC Nodes. CPUs increased to 30 from 24 on 2 Other Nodes.
2) 3 RAC instances brought up normally. The 3 RAC Nodes are normal.
3) On initiating a Benchmark Application Transaction Run, % sys became 100 only on 1 Node containing 80 CPUs. (On the Other 2 Nodes normal - % sys is normal). % sys going to 100 % seems to be an O.S. Bug.
4) RAC Instance brought down manually using "sqlplus / as sysdba" -> "shutdown immediate" on the node showing 100 % sys usage
5) % sys immediately became normal after instance shutdown & continues to be normal now.
6) Thereafter startup of RAC using srvctl start instance -d PNB70MB -i "PNB70MB2" terminating After MOUNT at "SMON: enabling cache recovery". Thus Rollback Tablespace is not brought up & Database OPEN is NOT fully Completed. 2 corresponding .trc files are dumped with time stamp greater that alert_PNB70MB2.log in such a case.
7) However Manual startup of the respective RAC instance using "sqlplus / as sysdba" -> "startup" is completing FULLY

Solaris 10
DB Nodes model - SunFire 15K

Qs What approach should be considered to bring up the instance completely using "srvctl"?

Will provide any Logs needed

Cheers & Thanks

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