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From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 08:05:45 -0800 (PST)
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Michael, I see a huge problem and very likely a support issue as well. Basically what he's saying is that the host will have a *single* logical network interface. That *single* interface will need to serve as the private and public interface and that's where Oracle Support may have some major problems. If these blades only support 2 NICs (and you have no opportunities to expand them), then I'd elect to leave the redundancy aside and take a NIC failure as a whole node failure. Since the only other choice is to combine public and private networks over a single logical interface, removing redundancy so you have 2 separate logical/physical interfaces would be a favorable choice. Dan ----- Original Message ---- From: Michael McMullen <> To: Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:27:11 AM Subject: rac network question <!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {margin:0cm;margin-bottom:.0001pt;font-size:12.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";} a:link, span.MsoHyperlink {color:blue;text-decoration:underline;} a:visited, span.MsoHyperlinkFollowed {color:purple;text-decoration:underline;} span.EmailStyle17 {font-family:Arial;color:windowtext;} _filtered {margin:72.0pt 90.0pt 72.0pt 90.0pt;} div.Section1 {} --> Our SA’s are just setting up some HP blades for us for a rac and he sent me this below. Just wondering if anyone on the list sees a problem. “Also, since the c class blades have only 2 physical nics, we are going to trunk multiple vlans through the same bonded interface. Makes for a slightly weird setup; you may want to check it out and play with it before this goes live.”

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