ASM - creating diskgroup error...

Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 00:01:04 -0600
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I have a friend trying to create an ASM diskgroup and getting errors - any idea how he needs to proceed? Thanks in advance.

Here are the details.

Trying to create a NEW diskgroup in ASM. OS: SunOS 5.8 Generic_117350-49 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire ORACLE: SQL*Plus: Release

Raw Device:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 oracle dba 55 Jul 19 12:18 c4t2d5s7 -> ../../devices/ssm_at_0,0/pci_at_1a,700000/lpfc_at_2/sd_at_2,5:h,raw


1) Configure Automatic Storage Management
2) Create New
3) Disk Group Name: QSTDEV_FLASH
4) Redunancy: External (The SAN takes care of it)
5) Select disk path: /dev/rdsk/c4t2d5s7 
         HEADER STATUS: Candidate
         ASM Name: (blank)
         Size (MB): 11

 ORA-15018: diskgroup cannot be created
 ORA-15041: diskgroup space exhausted

ASM alert log from DBCA session:

Wed Jan 9 20:02:25 2008
'/dev/rdsk/c4t2d5s7' SIZE 11M

Wed Jan 9 20:02:26 2008
NOTE: initializing header on grp 12 disk QSTDEV_FLASH_0000 NOTE: PST update: grp = 12
Wed Jan 9 20:02:26 2008
NOTE: group QSTDEV_FLASH: initial PST locations: disk 0000 (PST copy 0) Wed Jan 9 20:02:26 2008

NOTE: cache registered group QSTDEV_FLASH number=12 incarn=0xd287e4d8
NOTE: cache opening disk 0 of grp 12: QSTDEV_FLASH_0000
NOTE: cache creating group 12/0xD287E4D8 (QSTDEV_FLASH)
NOTE: cache mounting group 12/0xD287E4D8 (QSTDEV_FLASH) succeeded
NOTE: allocating F1X0 on grp 12 disk QSTDEV_FLASH_0000
WARNING: allocation failure on disk QSTDEV_FLASH_0000 for file 3 xnum 7 NOTE: cache dismounting group 12/0xD287E4D8 (QSTDEV_FLASH) NOTE: erasing header on grp 12 disk QSTDEV_FLASH_0000 ERROR: diskgroup QSTDEV_FLASH was not created

I had just successfully create a diskgroup before I started getting this error.
I've been able to successfully add this disk to an existing diskgroup. I've been able to add other disk to other diskgroups. I CANNOT create this diskgroup, or any other diskgroup, with any disk discovered by ASM.
Same error occurs if done thru SQL*Plus.

(broken up for clarity)

There are 12 diskgroup currently - 11 mounted, 1 dismounted.

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