Using Direct I/O Filesystem for Oracle Database

From: Junior DBA <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 21:41:19 -0800 (PST)
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  Hi All,    

  We are running Oracle 10g R1 on Sun SPARC Solaris 9 Sun Fire V890 Server.    

  By default we have following setting in the Database:    

  disk_asynch_io = TRUE
  filesystemio_options= asynch &
  dbwr_io_slaves =0    

  To improve Disk I/O Performance We re-mount Oracle Database FileSystems [ containing Datafiles,logfiles & archive logs] with forcedirectio,noatime option.    

  After remounting the Oracle Filesystems with forcedirectio,noatime i changed the filesystemio_options to setall i.e.    


(1) I need to know if i missed something or made any mistake.

(2) Do i need to change dbwr_io_slaves or db_writer_processes values

(3) What else i could do to improve DISK I/O performance

  Appreciate your valuable feedback.    

  Best Regards,    

  Your DBA Colleague
  Muhammad Salman Faheem            

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