Re: Flash technology based HDD will it make significant difference for OLTP applications?

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Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 14:10:55 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Jurijs,

I don't have any direct experiences to share, but I can say that I have talked to a lot of customers about memory-based storage in the past. The biggest problem I've seen when memory-based storage is considered is that the "solution" is considered before determining what the problem is. That is, if you have a CPU bottleneck, then making the storage faster is not likely to make a positive impact (in fact, possibly a negative impact).

If storage latency is your primary issue, then making the disk service time shorter will likely make a big difference. I'm also interested in hearing real-world experiences as I've only talked about this--not implemented it. In most of the cases that I've encountered, I ended up talking the customer out of making a memory-based storage purchase because it wouldn't have addressed the issue that they were trying to solve at the time. I always add the caveat that tuning is an iterative process, so it is likely that eventually storage will become the bottleneck and it may be worth considering such a purchase at that time.


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Hello everyone and Happy new year to you,

Just wonder if you can give your advice if the devices as following will make any difference in the context for Oracle RDBMS performance in the nearest time?

From my point of view:
- "Access time <0.02 ms" at least 30 times faster then today's HDD-s
capable to achieve.It gives significant improvement for some profile Physical IO-s.
- Current price 5k for 300GB might be acceptable for some systems even
today. This parameter will go down within 1-2 years significantly.
- Max read/write operation count is limited. In spite of that to use
first point some organizations might choose to change HDD on regular basis (once a year/months) to improve throughput for some applications
- It will not solve all problems but introduce significant
improvements in some areas.

PS I am sorry if this topic has been discussed already, please point me to the thread then.

Thank you in advance,


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