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From: Jason Heinrich <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 12:01:42 -0600
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A Google Books search turned up some additional information.* Apparently Oracle made a change to the listener in 9.2 so that it will only fulfill extproc requests from the local machine. Requests from other hosts get logged. I don't have an environment set up at the moment to easily test this though.

  • Special Ops: Host and Network Security for Microsoft Unix and Oracle, byErik Pace Birkholz, p. 686

On 1/3/08, Goulet, Dick <> wrote:
> Jason,
> As far as I know, and I have set up extproc's in 9i and have
> them in 10g as well, you should set up a separate listener for extproc with
> IPC only as the protocol in use. In 9i setting it up as TCP was
> "unsupported" and I really don't have any idea if it worked or not mainly
> because I didn't try. It was suppose to be a supported capability in 10g,
> why I surely don't know. But, if your going to use extproc's make sure they
> don't run as the Oracle owner, but as nobody in Unix/Linux or the windows
> equivalent if your on that platform. The reason is that you could allow an
> extproc to have all the rights to the database executables and files as the
> Oracle owner which has it's own bad consequences. BTW: I did get extproc to
> work through the main listener as well with no problems. It's just a
> potential security issue if you use it that way.
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> I'm looking for clarification on securing extproc, specifically in regards
> to accessing it over TCP in My understanding is that a separate
> listener is recommended for extproc which only listens to IPC calls.
> Otherwise, if the database listener was used, extproc and any allowed
> libraries on the server could be accessed remotely via TCP.
> Most of what I've read on this is from a 9i security bulletin, but I
> haven't seen anything so far that says the situation has changed in 10g. Is
> my understanding of the situation correct, and is this still the recommended
> configuration? I want to make sure I have my facts strait before I
> recommend this to my coworkers.
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