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This seems to be the same as s solution proposed and implemented for one of our customers by consultant from a server manufacturer.  

The only justification that I heard was that this would allow the use of Solaris to
<,GGLJ:2006-35,GGLJ:en&sa=X &oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=prioritorise+&spell=1> prioritorise one of the environments/databases over the others.  

What came to light later was that only one of the environments was actually installed using Oracle installer, with the other environments simply being created by tarring up the binaries and untarring them in the appropriate directories with the appropriate chown and chmods.  

This essentially made patching them difficult!  

I would encourage you to enquire further as to the methodology they will be using to install the binaries, as unless they are planning to cut corners in the installation, they seem to be making a small task into a much bigger one.    


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 We have been proposed with following architecture by our consultant. I need your expert opinion on this.  

 Assume a server got 5 database and all the databases running in same oracle version and patchset.
They are proposing to create 5 unix account. Each unix account will have one oracle binaries and corresponding oracle DB. Apart from that each unix account will have dedicated mountpoints. In broader sense each unix account will be logically considered as one server.

 I am slightly worried about this architecture. Because when this architecture goes to production, the impact it will have on maintenace going to be huge. Assuming i am having minimum 100 db in production( ours is a very large shop) and if i need to apply one patch to all these servers going to kill us. Secondly, will there be a impact on licensing. I don't think so, but like to check it up with you guys. I know it has got some advantage too. But is this approach is suitable for large shop like us?

Satheesh Babu.S

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