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From: David Kurtz <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 20:15:04 -0000
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PeopleSoft and Fusion are/will be two completely different products with different technologies.
(so any eventual 'upgrade' from PeopleSoft to Fusion will be more of a reimplementation and redevelopment of all customisations).

Fusion Applications will really use Oracle Fusion Middleware as a genuine application server. PeopleSoft uses Tuxedo in its own proprietory application server, and Oracle have stated that they have no plans to change this. Weblogic, Websphere, and Fusion Middleware can all be used as servlet containers for the PeopleSoft Java servlet, and you will still need Tuxedo.

I cannot see any merit in using Fusion Middleware as a PeopleSoft servlet container.
Although I can see risk - the risk of encountering something that doesn't work the same on Fusion Middleware as on WebLogic.


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>Hi David,
>Thank you for your advice. Our intention is to prepare for the
>future peoplesoft fusion implementation. So it should be a
>single solution for all the peoplesoft components.
>David Kurtz wrote:
>> I think that is a very courageous decision.
>> It's been three years since I have seen Websphere in
>production, and I
>> must have been to 20+ different sites in that time! I don't know
>> anyone using OAS with PeopleSoft (though I am sure there are
>a few out there).
>> Why do you want to use OAS? Unless you are very familar and
>> comfortable with it? I would suggest that you run with the
>heard and stay with BEA.
>> (and forgive me for being flippant - but BEA will probably end up
>> being bought by Oracle some time next year anyway)

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