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RE: Cluster File System Versus ASM for RAC Deployment in Production?... Pros & Cons

From: Best, David <>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 13:22:00 -0500
Message-ID: <>


I took the RAC course a couple of months ago as well. The instructor, in between courses, would perform RAC installations as well. He said that with ASM an implementatino would take half as long. ie, before ASM it would take on average 2 weeks and after 1 week.  

I'm not a big fan of ASM for a number of reasons, but it was nice to hear some real world experiences with it.

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Subject: Re: Cluster File System Versus ASM for RAC Deployment in Production?... Pros & Cons

I just came from a RAC class and basically the instructor said the same thing.  

Oracle's direction is ASM, their training is focused on using ASM, their papers are all focused on using ASM. He showed us how to install and configure ASM. He also mentioned Oracle will be coming out next year with another class for just ASM.  

He also said ASM is alot better in 11i.  

Yes, Oracle will support the clustered file system but you will get a push back from them to check with the other vendor first to resolve the issue.  

I just went through this with my Veritas Rman issues. Three years ago, Oracle worked through the issues with me. This last tar they helped me with the basics and then said I would have to contract Veritas to resolve the issue. The will probably be the same for using clustered file system in one-two years from now. Oracle will help you on some of the basic troubleshooting and then you will have to depend on the vendor for help. And as we all know some vendors are better than others for this.  

My 2.5 cents worth  


Dan Norris <> wrote:

        Personally, I'd choose ASM and recommend it to all my customers. This is partly because: 1) Oracle recommends it, 2) if Oracle recommends something, they generally support it better than things they don't recommend, 3) it doesn't cost extra money, and 4) I think ASM is a fine product that does its job well (admittedly better in 11g than 10g, but that's not your question).         

        I think that using a CFS requires training for system admins while ASM would also require training, but possibly for the DBAs instead of the sysadmins. Typically, I still see ASM being managed by DBAs even though it really isn't a database. Many companies have the DBAs manage anything with the word Oracle stamped on it.         

        For docs or links, see         



        Additionally does ASM administration need additional Skill Set / Training versus administration on Cluster File System(CFS), for RAC?

        If so, in what context?          

        Docs / Links please?          



	For subsequent RAC Deployment in ver 10gR2, A Banking customer
needs to take a decision on use of Cluster file system versus ASM?          

        Prima-facie, How do the 2 compare in terms of Performance, scalability, availability, migration, ease of use, backups, need for training etc.          

        Any Docs, Links will help.          

        Currently Production Deployment info:-

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