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Re: Anyone else experience this?

From: Robert Pegram <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 12:49:33 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

QUOTE - "Another major one is some of the RMAN jobs scheduled through GC just disappeared last week. I've been ranting about OEM's reliability since 8i. I'm still far from satisfied, unfortunately."

We ran into this bug and I worked with Oracle for months to try to reach a resolution. We have since upgraded the OMS to and that has seemed to fix the problem.

Before upgrading, I ran this query against the repository database daily. It should show any jobs that are supposed to repeat, but are not.

SELECT j.job_name
FROM mgmt_job_schedule s, mgmt_job j

WHERE  s.frequency_code > 1
  AND  s.schedule_id    = j.schedule_id
  AND  j.job_status     = 0
  AND  j.nested         = 0
  AND  j.is_library     = 0

  AND (s.end_time > SYSDATE OR s.end_time IS NULL)   AND NOT EXISTS
       (SELECT 1
        FROM   mgmt_job_exec_summary e
        WHERE  e.job_id = j.job_id
          AND  e.status NOT IN (3,4,5,8))
ORDER BY j.job_owner, j.job_name

Rob Pegram
Duke University

More often? Not sure, but I do know that since my intro to Oracle back  on
7.3.4, I've been an unknowing accomplice of bugdom in our database by utilizing more functionality of Oracle. A few that come to mind:

The next *patch-level* release of the database included a fix, but also *introduced* (in a patch-level release!) a different third-party engine for the Text portion, if I remember correctly. Because of the testing requirements of that huge change, the patch could not be justifed to  the

All that being said, I still think the core database is the best out  there,
bar none. It's just that I don't feel that 11 years experience with a  free
safety ringing my bell after catching a high pass in the flat should be needed to know what options and features I should not use (Sorry for  the
football reference, but the Superbowl of the NFC is on tonight. GO  PACK!). My $.02000000001, (w/rounding error)

p.s. Best of luck to you in kicking the habit!

> Do you find yourself saying more often, "It's an Oracle bug. Fixed
> 'xx' patch." Or "It's an Oracle bug and its not fixed yet." Or
> an Oracle bug and it looks like its fixed in 11g."???


> We're running (can't remember the patchset off the top of my
> head) and we've got a few bugs that aren't fixed and we seem to hit
> another every other week.

> The latest is ORA-01008: Not all variables bound when setting
> cursor_sharing = SIMILAR for PeopleSoft performance.

> I just looked at the release notes (which has not been
> for any platform, nor are any release dates provided) and I think
> the biggest list of Oracle bugs I've ever seen in a patch.

> I know with added complexity comes added potential for bugs, but this
> becoming more and more bothersome.

> Thoughts?

> Disclaimer:

> I've recently quit smoking and taking Chantix so maybe I'm just in a
> very bad mood.

> Chris Taylor

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