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Tru64 Doldrums...

From: Stephen de Vries <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 19:06:28 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Thanks specifically to Stano Vnuk for responding to my earlier query - although his answer wasn't applicable it was appreciated as useful information.

We are still in a strange state with our Alpha GS160 although we have had some other changes... any insight or off the wall thoughts would be appreciated.

Our machine has several releases of 9i and now two different releases of 10g on it.

For the longest time we have had 9i and 10gR1 on it and everything was functional.

Now dbwr processes fail with a SIGSEGV error (ORA-7445).

In our attempts to determine the issue, we have applied a missing O/S patch (5.1b Svc Pack 5 - necessary for 10g support - we have no idea why the 10gR1 actually worked before), updated the firmware on the unit, and re-seated components that had been changed after the errors started occurring.

In our SR with support, we have installed 10gR2 and have run tests on it. Before performing the above maintenance, 10gR2 also failed although it now refuses to fail. The other releases (9i and 10gR1) are still failing.

Since the releases of 9i are not current, support will not deal with them although we must because we are supporting installations elsewhere on the same O/S - same version.

I've started to look at libraries on the server for differences and I am preparing other tests.

I mentioned in the last posting I was considering setting an event and even performing a truss of the process to see what is happening. I haven't delved into this to see what event or events I might set but any suggestions you might have (if you've had a similar circumstance on Tru64 or some other O/S) would be appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts you might have on the matter.

Stephen de Vries

Received on Fri Nov 23 2007 - 18:06:28 CST

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