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Re: Disaster Recovery for datawarehouse

From: Syed Jaffar Hussain <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 09:20:18 +0300
Message-ID: <>

We have a DW Database, around 3TB size, and we do matain a standby database for this database. I could say, its not purely a data warehouse, but, mixture of OLTP+DW kind database where daily data is is being inserted and updated.

As Dennis says, a bit of cost is involved to setup DR for this database, but, the management is happy because we were able to successfully failover during disaster situations with in acceptable time.



On 11/20/07, Dennis Williams <> wrote:
> Hirshy,
> The safe answer is that you will provide DR that meets the user
> requirements. Of course, true DR depends a lot on the IT infrastructure, and
> such things as whether a remote DR site is made available, for example. DR
> is a field unto itself, populated by very expensive consultants who can talk
> intelligibly to senior managers. But maybe your interviewer really meant
> what is your database backup and recovery plan.
> In reality, DR depends a lot on the DW load cycle and the DW criticality.
> For example I worked with a DW that had a weekly load cycle each weekend. It
> was backed up weekly and the load files were easily available on the source
> system. The users could easily do without the system for a few days. So the
> DR plan was rather simple.
> Some sites have DW that are continually updated from many sources and
> the corporation can't do without the system for more than an hour. The DR
> plan for such a DW might include a remote hot DR site. The DR plan for such
> a DW would be very similar to the DR plan for a mission-critical OLTP
> database. That would cost big bucks but the company might consider that
> worthwhile.
> Dennis Williams

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