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Re: 10g client/database installation

From: Maureen English <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 14:50:04 -0900
Message-ID: <>

Thanks Peter,

That had been my experience, too. I went back to the installation media and started a new installation to see if I missed something, but there is no drill down option for Oracle Programmer, which is where the precompilers that we need reside. I searched Metalink and found that this is a problem with, so it must also be a problem with The solution is to use the client installation and install only the Oracle the same Oracle_HOME. I can live with that!

Peter McLarty wrote:

> Hi
> my experience in the past has been that you do a custom install and then 
> drill down into the screen where you select product, you may have to 
> tick the box show all products but then you can select to install ProC 
> or Procobol.
> Cheers
> Peter
> On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 13:34 -0900, Maureen English wrote:

>> All,
>> We're in the process of upgrading our databases to release
>> on HP Tru64 machines. I downloaded the database server installation
>> file, read the installation guide and installed the software. One of
>> the choices during the installation was 'Oracle Programmer', which I
>> checked.
>> On past installations, this included the ProC and ProCobol executables.
>> For this installation, it doesn't. There is a note in the installation
>> guide that says it doesn't include the client. I didn't actually drill
>> down on the Oracle Programmer choice, so I don't know if there was
>> something else there or not.
>> I did download the Oracle client for and can install it, too,
>> but it says I can't install it into an existing ORACLE_HOME. Is that
>> really true?
>> Any suggestions...did I miss something that should be so very obvious?
>> Thanks,
>> - Maureen
>> UofA, Fairbanks, AK
>> --
Received on Wed Nov 14 2007 - 17:50:04 CST

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