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RE: Backup policy

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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 08:04:09 -0500
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I approach the issue from the point of view that the database should be up. If it is not up, my last backup plus archives is available. Also, if it is not up and it is supposed to be, then I should be notified about it anyway outside of the backup process.  

So if it is a cold backup, log in get your files shutdown etc startup. If it is a hot backup, then back it up. Why backup up a down database? First of all, it is down. Second, you should already have a backup [+ archives], whether 24 hours old or not... or however long up to the time it went down.  

It is an art and a science. My logic begins assuming the database is up. Down databases don't need another backup, if it went down due to an issue, I would want manual control from then on.    

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 727-2546

[] On Behalf Of Zanen van, J (Jacob) Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 4:25 PM
Subject: Backup policy  

Hi List,  

When I started here a few months ago all scripts were sort of in place for backups but I have my doubts about something.

One of the things the scripts do is check if the database is up and running, and if not starts the database and mounts it to take the backup.

I seriously have my doubts about the validity of this, as this takes away the checking of why it was down in the first place.

My idea is to leave the check in but remove the portion of the script that start the database and just send an error if the database is down (maybe not even that as this is picked up by open view already)

What is your thought on this?  



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