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RMAN Strategy - Need some input

From: Taylor, Chris David <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 07:49:09 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Ok guys & gals, I need some input/thoughts/suggestions etc.  

Lets say we have approximately 10 databases across multiple servers.

We have a catalog database on a central server on local storage.

The other 10 databases use a SAN for their storage.

In the other 10 databases we write the archivelogs to the C:\ drive (along with a controlfile and members of redo logs)

We take full RMAN backups nightly and write them to the SAN and delete the backed up archivelogs.  

So this is what happened. Thursday evening I take an RMAN backup and write it to the SAN and delete the archive logs from the C\ drive. Thursday evening before those backups are written to tape we lost our SAN. Had to reinitialize the whole SAN. So now, I have Wednesday nights full backup with no archivelogs since I deleted them when Thursday nights backup ran.  

We have used Grid Control to create the RMAN jobs. (Script is below). My question are these:  

Can we tell RMAN to delete archivelogs that are older than 'x' date? Instead of deleting all the archivelogs when the backups run? Or do we have to that with a script? We are using 10.2 RMAN and some 9.2.

I don't want to leave a bunch of archivelogs on the c:\ drive due to the space usage.  

Here's the script: (replaced database name with ORCL)  

run {

allocate channel oem_backup_disk1 type disk format
allocate channel oem_backup_disk2 type disk format
backup force noexclude as COMPRESSED BACKUPSET tag '%TAG' database include current controlfile;

backup as COMPRESSED BACKUPSET tag '%TAG' archivelog all not backed up delete all input;

release channel oem_backup_disk1;

release channel oem_backup_disk2;


allocate channel for maintenance type disk;

delete noprompt obsolete device type disk;

release channel;        

Chris Taylor

Sr. Oracle DBA

Ingram Barge Company

Nashville, TN 37205

Office: 615-517-3355

Cell: 615-354-4799


Received on Mon Nov 12 2007 - 07:49:09 CST

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