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Re: sql server2005 for a change in 3TB range

From: hrishy <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 11:52:05 +0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: <>

Hi Phil

Thank you for your inputs.

My application is web based so i would be using connection pooling and the locking there would be different (wherein i would use a timestamp or something to see if a row is changed) and then do the dml.

Do you think i should still be concerned about this difference in behaviour


> Peter McLarty wrote:
> > Its not that it is impossible, but if I was going
> to do it I would
> > firstly have GOLD support with MS, because when
> things go wrong you
> > might just wish you had it.
> > You need a very well architected application, that
> is written to handle
> > the idiosyncrasies of SQL Server locking, or you
> will constantly have
> > issues with it. There is a new feature called read
> consistent snapshot
> > that I would recommend, that should alleviate it
> somewhat.
> Once again, I would _dearly_ love someone who
> actually understands SS
> Snapshot Versioning to explain it's pros and cons in
> Oracle terms.
> Because the little bit that I have been able to
> understand suggests that
> it is nothing more than a timebomb waiting to go
> off, with M$'s blessing.
> That's a little too harsh without some expansion.
> As I understand it,
> this feature is supposed to work just like Oracle's
> undo segments.
> Except that it is not controlled at the database
> level, but at the
> session level. The question is, what would happen
> if you got two
> sessions going at the same time, with one announcing
> "I'm using snapshot
> isolation" and the other saying 'Go ahead, I'm
> not!'?
> More of my understanding: if this causes bad things
> to happen, M$'s
> position is, that it's all your fault.
> ----------------------
> Phil Singer |
> 6216 Kevin in Beautiful Brighton | Just 7 hairpin
> turns
> "OCP, PhD, and all-around Good Guy | north of
> Hamburg

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