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RE: No records in v$asm_disk

From: William Wagman <>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 10:18:38 -0800
Message-ID: <>


If you remember the document ID I would be interested in seeing it. One question I have is that according to information which Oracle has offered they suggestion is to set ORACLEASM_SCANORDER="multipath sd". We are using emc and purchased the add-on emc power pathing and my understanding is that in that case ORACLEASM_SCANORDER=emcpower in order to take advantage of it. I am running into errors ORA-15072 when creating an ASM diskgroup with external redundancy and oracle is saying I need to set ORACLEASM_SCANORDER="multipath sd". Any thoughts you have are appreciated.  


Bill Wagman
Univ. of California at Davis
IET Campus Data Center
(530) 754-6208  

From: Finn Jorgensen [] Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 8:08 AM
To: William Wagman
Cc:; Subject: Re: No records in v$asm_disk

Well, you will have the 2 regular device paths lets call them sd2a and sd2b. Then you'll have the powerpath device, let's call that guy sd2c. When I was having trouble getting ASM to work the first time I set up RAC (2 years ago) there was a note on metalink that specifically said not to use the powerpath device (sd2c in the above example). That fixed the problem I was having. Even when you don't use the powerpath device, if one device path fails it will still use the other path.  


On 11/8/07, William Wagman <> wrote:


        I'm not sure what you mean when you say you did not use the powerpath device as the disk device. Can you give me a bit more detail please.          


	Bill Wagman
	Univ. of California at Davis
	IET Campus Data Center 
	(530) 754-6208 


From: [mailto: <> ] On Behalf Of Finn Jorgensen
	Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 12:49 PM
	Subject: Re: No records in v$asm_disk 
	The one thing in your explanation that stood out to me was the
part about the multipath. When I did this I used EMC powerpath and I specifically DID NOT use the powerpath device as the disk device. This caused problems. Even when you use the regular device it still uses the multipathing.          

        Another thing is not to allow ASMLIB to reset permissions on reboots. This caused a lot of headaches for me.          

        Did you run /etc/init.d/oracleasm listdisks and did that list all the disks?          

        Finally, I would recommend setting up 1 node first as a single node cluster and then bringing the second node in after the first is all up and running with CRS/ASM/RAC db etc.          


        On 11/8/07, Brian Lucas < > wrote:

                All, I've been reading through the forums and metalink looking for

                this particular problem but haven't been able to find the answer. I

                have 2 nodes (OEL 5) multipathed to our backend storage. Both nodes

                are configured with asmlib and the CRS daemons are installed and

                running great on them. The whole setup is 10g release 2.                 

                Prior to disk creation, I set the ORACLEASM_SCANORDER in

                /etc/sysconfig/oracleasm and added "multipath dm" to it. I even added

                "sd" to ORACLEASM_SCANEXCLUDE so that all scans happen on the

                multipath channel.                 

                I then create the disk with the following (I have tested this from

                both node1 and node2).                 

                #service oracleasm createdisk TESTDATA /dev/dm-4                 

                Scanning the asm disks on both nodes as root successfully shows the

                TESTDATA asm disk (service oracleasm scandisks followed by service

                oracleasm listdisks).                 

                On node1, querying v$asm_disk shows TESTDATA provisioned and ready to

                go. Node2 never shows it. I have added ORCL:* to the asm_diskstring

                and bounced the instance on node2 but to no avail.                 

                I have blown away the configuration, zeroed out the underlying

                storage, and started fresh but I get the same results.                 

                Here's the SQL output from node2.                                  

                SQL> show parameter asm                 

		NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE 
		------------------------------------ -----------
		asm_diskgroups                       string
		asm_diskstring                       string      ORCL:*
		asm_power_limit                      integer     1 
		SQL> select * from v$asm_disk;
		no rows selected
		If I query /dev/oracleasm/disks, I do see the TESTDATA
disk owned by
		oracle:dba on both nodes.
		Can anyone point me in a direction I haven't tried? 


Received on Fri Nov 09 2007 - 12:18:38 CST

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