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RE: anyway to trace a DDL statement?

From: Yasin Baskan <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 16:41:08 +0200
Message-ID: <083667B535F3464CA0DD0D1DAFA4E3760ED3F788@camexc1.kfs.local>

In what version of the database, which level of 10046 and for which command?

I get the following in 10G for a simple create table statement with 10046 level 12. It shows lots of recursive sqls.

OVERALL TOTALS FOR ALL RECURSIVE STATEMENTS call count cpu elapsed disk query current rows
------- ------ -------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

Parse 21 0.06 0.07 0 0 6 0
Execute 177 0.19 0.21 3 15 44 6
Fetch 257 0.03 0.04 3 570 0 762
------- ------ -------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

total 455 0.28 0.33 6 585 50 768

Misses in library cache during parse: 21 Misses in library cache during execute: 21

Elapsed times include waiting on following events:

  Event waited on                             Times   Max. Wait  Total

    2 user SQL statements in session.
  177 internal SQL statements in session.   179 SQL statements in session.

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Subject: anyway to trace a DDL statement?

If I run a 10046 trace on a DDL statement, I do not get the recursive SQL that oracle runs underneath the DDL. Is there another form of trace that will show me what oracle is doing?

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