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Re: shell script needed

From: Andrew Kerber <>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 08:54:40 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I know that I can do it recursively. However, the privileges needed vary by file and directory. Some files need execute, some dont. Some directories need write privileges, most dont. I reached the point where I was setting the protections on individual files to get them set properly, now I want to copy the protections. The best way I can see to do that is to read in the protections on each file under ORACLE_HOME and write out a shells script that sets the protections for each file.

On 10/31/07, Mercadante, Thomas F (LABOR) <> wrote:
> Andrew,
> You can do this recursively by using the -R option:
> chmod -R g-w $ORACLE_HOME
> Tom
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> *Sent:* Wednesday, October 31, 2007 9:41 AM
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> *Subject:* shell script needed
> I am looking for a unix shell script I can use that will generate another
> script that will set the protections on the files in my oracle home
> directory. I want all the protections on all the files of a specific oracle
> version to be the same, and the best way to do that would seem to be to just
> generate the the commands by looking at the protections on one oracle home
> and generating the commands to reproduce that in other oracle homes.
> I know the priviliges we use are not the standard that oracle sets it on
> installation because I had to change some files to get BMC Patrol to work
> properly, and of course I did not think to write down every change I made to
> get it to work.
> Does anyone have a shell script to do this?
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> Andrew W. Kerber
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Andrew W. Kerber

'If at first you dont succeed, dont take up skydiving.'

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