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RE: Oracle streams - part 2

From: Fedock, John \(KAM.RIC\) <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 15:14:51 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Source database is HP-UX, and target database is HP-UX,  

I set this up manually (1 test table), however I do use the EM console to look for the errors and start/stop the processes.  

One thing I just thought of is that when I get the errors listed below, I delete the txn via the apply gui interface of EM and then reset the scn and then just enter more test data. Is this not a correct thing to do? Or maybe the question is when I get the ORA-26687 errors, how should I fix?  

Thanks all.    

From: Finn Jorgensen [] Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 2:51 PM To: Fedock, John (KAM.RIC)
Cc: Asif Momen;
Subject: Re: Oracle streams - part 2  

Hi John.  

  1. Which version of Oracle are you using?
  2. Did you happen to use OEM to set this up and/or did you start out with just a few tables or a single schema and then later added more tables/schemas to the same streams process?

This second part is known to cause issues. I was recommended by Oracle to add another streams process for adding objects later, rather than just adding them to an existing streams process.  


On 10/24/07, Fedock, John (KAM.RIC) <> wrote:

I finally got my Streams working (with a very small test) last night. The target database was shutdown and brought back up this morning. The APPLY process was aborted, so I restarted and now I am back to the ora-26687 errors. I have reset the scn several times and I am still getting these errors.  

Needless to say, this whole streams process is very frustrating to me.  

Does shutting down the target database, without stopping streams cause the SCNs to not be in sync after it is brought back up?

I know I am resetting the SCN, as I see the value change in DBA_APPLY_INSTANTIATED_OBJECTS.   All the documents in MetaLink and Google say the same thing:  

"Set the SCN by calling DBMS_APPLY_ADM.SET_INSTANTIATION_ SCN" - which I have done countless times.  

Can someone throw me a bone and steer me in the right direction.  

TIA.   John Fedock        

Received on Wed Oct 24 2007 - 14:14:51 CDT

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