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RE: Heterogeneous Services

From: Sweetser, Joe <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 08:29:03 -0600
Message-ID: <E323160E08E560459CD05A883546C3CE0AA64BF9@earthquake.ICAT.COM>

Thanks to all for the suggestions/hints/advice. They will all be helpful once I get this particular database up to 10g because, according to Metalink Note 261726.1, generic connectivity is not available on Linux until 10g. This was "verified" by checking a 10g installation and seeing the $ORACLE_HOME/bin/hsodbc program while my 9i installation does not have it. One of those situations where a feature is supported on non-Linux platforms earlier than Linux....sigh.

Again, thanks for all the help.


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Subject: Re: Heterogeneous Services

I asked a similar question here a while back (HSODBC connection to informix), admittedly the initial googling and metalinking seemed circular... I found this document to work perfectly 245549.1 . Be sure to follow it to the letter, its actually easier to do than than the document makes it sound. This also assumes you will aquire 3 party (your system) odbc drivers.

note 245549.1 = How to setup generic connectivity - HSODBC - on (your platform) in this case Sun solaris

HSODBC = hetrogeneous services via odbc


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Sweetser, Joe wrote:

> Hi all -
> I am in the "conception" stage of setting up Heterogeneous Services
> from a Linux database to a MSSQL 2000 (v 8.00.2039) database.
> need to pull data from MSSQL into Oracle. I've been OTN'ing,
> metalink'ing and google'ing but am still fuzzy about exactly what I
> to do. Figure 7-1 in
> m#1656 is the closest I can find to what I am trying to accomplish.
> This also seems close to what I am trying to do:
> r.htm. The query will initiate from the Oracle side.
> A few questions:
> 1. Do I need to install/run an Oracle listener on the MSSQL box?
> 2. Do I need to get a 3rd party ODBC driver for my Oracle/Linux
> If so, any vendor/freeware/shareware recommendations are appreciated.
> I've been poking around the site so far.
> 3. I see many references to the hsodbc "program". Is this really a
> program/executable or just the way to tell the listener to use the HS
> that are configured in the Oracle database?
> 4. Last, any pointers/links to docs are appreciated.
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