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Re: {Disarmed} Role transition

From: Carel-Jan Engel <>
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 12:51:19 +0200
Message-id: <>

Hi Senthil,

Role transition is working very well, generally. I've done and seen this dozens of times at various sites, varying from Windows, Solaris, Linux to AIX using all Oracle versions between 8.1.7 and 10.2.

The key point is, as you figured already, to test. However, I'd strongly advise you to test this on a regular basis, say once per month - once per quarter, and not just now because you are going to use it. You really do not want to be in a situation where you have to switch or fail over, and never have tested it. I've seen a site with a multi million dollar DR 'solution', where the dmgmt didn't want to venture a failover during what appeared to be a 36 hour outage, because they weren't sure whether they would be able to fail back. Of course they never wanted to found a full scale test, as requested by the SA/DBA staff. I see other sites where switch-overs and failovers are practiced so many time that a real disaster is a no-brainer. They faiilover in 5-10 minutes, (after verifying the STB site is OK) before even starting to solve the problem on the primary site, You wouldn't want an airplane captain to have studying the emergency plans when the emergency occurs, wouldn't you. That's why they practice this in simulators. Do the same with your DR environment, otherwise it is useless and your company might be crashed before you have finished reading the manuals.........

Best regards,

Carel-Jan Engel

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On Sun, 2007-09-30 at 19:59 -0400, Senthil Subramanian wrote:

> Hi All,
> I would like to know if anyone has tried the role transition between
> primary and the physical standby in a real production environment.
> We have a situation to switch the roles for couple of days.
> The database size is about one terabyte, version 64-bit on
> Solaris 8.
> I will be setting up a test bed this coming week.
> Any comments, advices, and suggestions are most welcome.
> Regards,
> Senthil.

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