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Re: dbca and ASM

From: fairlie rego <>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 08:40:36 +1000 (EST)
Message-ID: <>

And I presume you have an entry in your oratab for the ASM instance?   

Herring Dave - dherri <> wrote:   Folks,

I'm trying to create a database on my RAC cluster with ASM. This is on and RHEL4 64bit. ASM is up and running on both nodes (only 2-node cluster) and I've got valid diskgroups in each. Checking crsstat it shows all services are up, as in ASM, LISTENER, gsd, ons, vip on both nodes.

Now for creating a database. I thought dbca would be the way. But in the process, I believe step 7, I'm asked for the storage to use. I pick ASM, then "next". At this point I get the message: "DBCA could not startup the ASM instance configured on this node. To proceed with database creation using ASM you ...".

I can't figure out why dbca can't see my ASM instance. I've tried setting ORACLE_SID=, ORACLE_SID=+ASM, ORACLE_SID=+ASM1 (local instance on this server of ASM), all run out of $ORACLE_HOME/bin, not $ORA_ASM_HOME/bin. Each try gives me the same error.

Any clue how to get dbca see your existing ASM instances? Is there any way to find out what exactly is failing behind the scenes? I've set tracing for dbca (-DTRACING.ENABLED=true -DTRACING.LEVEL=2 in the last line of dbca), but that doesn't output anything after first starting up.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.


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