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Re: Training for Oracle Performance tuning

From: fmhabash <>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 14:14:22 -0400
Message-ID: <>

I read the OraPub class description here . My advice, take this class first then if you still need to, use the HotSos one. If you care to know why, keep reading ....

I have read and attended many Oracle perf approaches. Last one was HotSos Metho-R one. One thing that distinguishes HS from others is that they have a science-evidence-based approach. Compare this to what others keep calling 'art' or at best the 'bed-time' stories that some publish on their web sites as 'gurus'. I think they are, but their approach (if you we can call as such) is nothing more that a collection of experiences they have collected over the years. IMHO, any perf turning approach must yield accurate and reproachable results using a clearly defined tools and steps. And it should be something that can be taught and used by DBAs without necessarily having 20 years of experience.

Having said that, I have 4 reservations on HS M-R approach ...

IMHO, the HS M-R class, is an advanced class that I will not recommend as an initial step. I think this method worked great for HS group due to the nature and magnitude of problems they get consulted for. At that level of consulting and visibility, all the necessary pre-requisite work is probably have been done for them. But for everyday DBA performance issues, it will not help as much.

I have been involved in so many performance issues since I attended this class, all of them have been diagnosed and resolved. However, only in a few of them I had to get to the level where I really needed to use M-R.

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