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Re: scripts for checking naming conventions (prefix etc) for PL/SQL

From: Bjørn D. Jensen <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 09:23:14 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hi Alberto!
I understand your point and you are right, but I think the scripts I look for
will take out the trivial parts to check, so reviewer can focus on more important things.
I just see automatical checking as an supplement not as an stand-alone review.

2007/9/21, Alberto Dell'Era <>:
> On 9/21/07, Bjørn D. Jensen <> wrote:
> (snip)
> > The scripts are not so important, it's more important for me to get some
> > ideas about what could be of value to check.
> IMHO, you should establish a review process instead of relying on
> automatic scripts: have the most experienced developer(s) review
> the code, in a joint session with the author.
> This costs almost nothing (it doesn't take a lot for an expert to spot
> critical points in the code) and the benefits are invaluable, since there
> will be a lot of knowledge transfer between the two parties - "why
> you didn't use a private procedure in this package, instead of
> declaring it in the package header ? " - "Oh I didn't know it was
> possible,
> what are the benefits ? " - "Well, the benefits are ..."
> That would disseminate expertise very quickly in your company/team,
> and the few things an automatic script might catch will be caught
> as a by-product.
> Not to mention the networking benefits : the two developers will get to
> know each other, and probably get in touch in many occasions,
> consulting each other, thus further improving the quality of work.
> Oh, last but not least: knowledge goes both ways, even from a "beginner"
> to an "expert" - so the "expert" will (not might, will) learn new
> techniques,
> new tricks, new features, that will be further disseminated in other
> review
> sessions to others ... "viral" knowledge transfer, the best thing a
> company
> may wish for. All for the negligible cost of a few hours.
> my 2 cents
> Alberto
> --
> Alberto Dell'Era
> "the more you know, the faster you go"

Received on Sat Sep 22 2007 - 02:23:14 CDT

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