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RE: license

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 13:21:32 -0400
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As regards Oracle's product use of database features you have not licensed and do not otherwise use: Several years ago the OAUG negotiated a policy on behalf of Applications users such that if Oracle makes development use of tools or capabilities in the development of a product that was either formerly not a separate license fee or was not formerly needed to make the off the shelf software work correctly, then there was no charge for that feature or module for the required product use.

As examples, that meant that you did not have to purchase the workflow builder in order to configure Oracle's E-business suite workflows to match your business work processes.

Also as an example, if you created your own workflow processes for use apart from the E-business suite, but even within the same database as that which housed the E-business suite, then you would normally be obligated to purchase the workflow builder (though probably at a number of seats proportional to your workflow developers rather than to your AP and GL clerks or (Horrors!) your iexpense users.

Now please do not take this as legal advice and read your own agreements. But please do take this information as something useful to ask about if you think your account rep may be either uninformed or aggressively ignoring this policy. Last time I had a conversation with the person at Oracle in charge of keeping this all straight, the policy was as I've just described.

Most likely this policy will survive a long time since it is inherently fair and it allows Oracle to use its own full tool set to build off the shelf modules that must compete with products at a modest price point compared to the license cost of the full Oracle tool set.



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Should be interesting to see how they handle oem installations then, which according to their doc don't require a separate license but do require partitioning.

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I was as at a site some years ago where we had a similar situation and had
Oracle conduct a licensing audit and Oracle said you can not install Oracle
software that you don't have license for even if you don't use it.

HTH. Cheers,


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