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RE: ASM IO distribution on a SAN

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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:48:40 +0000
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ok so I should create 1 ASM disk group for each LUN.

I do not know alot about SANs. Is it possible to map a LUN to a partition or mount point? Is that how you make it visible at the Oracle level?

Also, the SAME article by Juan Loazia talks about only using the outer half of disks. I am assuming this is something a SAN administrator can configure for me?
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We use ASM here.  

Each asm disk group consists of several asm disks. Each asm disk is actually a lun from your SAN. Each lun consists of 8 physical disks.  

When you create a tablespace you specify an asm disk group to put the data.  

So when you create a table, it gets striped very evenly across each of the asm disks.  

The more asm disks in your disk group, the more physical disks your tables get spread across. Mike Kurth
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Subject: ASM IO distribution on a SAN  

The Oracle docs state that ASM can perform striping and mirroring. If I use ASM on a SAN how is it able to stripe? All it will see are mount points? My understanding is that it is possible create LUN(logical Units) and map them to individual disks or sets of disks and then possibly map those to mount points. Would this make it easier for ASM to handle IO distribution?  

The project I am working will fully deploy with 5 billion inserts(all bulk loads using external tables) and have 4 million OLTP type queries/day (average query returns over 100 rows, but they are all index scans and the queries are not that complex). No updates or deletes.  

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