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Re: ORA-65535 error

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 14:00:37 -0600
Message-ID: <>


What is suspicious is that 65535 is (2**16)-1, and I don't think Oracle
has errors (yet!) that go quite that high -- it smells of AutoSys
trying to handle a "null" value returned from the database, where the
variable is populated with 0xFFFF already.  And ORA-00001 is supposed
to mean "duplicate value on index", which has little to do with
connecting to the database, so that suggests something similar (i.e.
twisted error handling by AutoSys).

On the other hand, ORA-00001 could be a valid return code from Oracle, which would indicate that AutoSys is connecting successfully (Oracle would not return ORA-00001 without successful connection first) but then doing something wrong afterwards.

I'd suggest creating an AFTER LOGON trigger for the username that AutoSys is connecting to -- you can use the code at if you wish.

I'll bet you a fine malted beverage that you find that AutoSys is indeed connecting into the database successfully, but it is doing something peculiar to AutoSys immediately after connection and failing, emitting a misleading error message about "problems connecting".

This should all become clear in the SQL trace...

Alvaro Jose Fernandez wrote:



I don’t know about AIX nor Autosys, but it one possibility seems to be related with the environment of the Oracle user’s account used to

connect . The Oracle user’s account you tested via sqlplus, is the same used by the Autosys?


Maybe an after-logon trigger on the database, and for that user it is defined, which fires the ORA-0001 depending on the tools used????





We have a setup where the jobs are run through Autosys on the Oracle 9.2 server (AIX 5L). I’ve installed oracle client 9.2 on another AIX box. I can connect the database via sqlplus and also able to tnsping.

The problem is that, the autosys jobs are not able to run while its logs are throwing following errors:


Attempting (1) to Connect with Database: <servername>


Oracle Logon Error: ORA-65535 and ORA-00001


Oracle Logon Error: Unable to display error message for ORA-65535 and ORA-00001




I couldn’t find any details for ORA-65535 error. Also turned sqlnet logging on but the trace files don’t reflect any error, even not the ora-65535 or ora-00001.


$TNS_ADMIN is set to /usr/vendor/oracle/9i/9.2.0/network/admin.

Permissions on tnsnames.ora are

-rw-rw-r--   1 oracle   dba             502 Aug 06 00:31 tnsnames.ora


which is actually the same as the other boxes running fine with autosys.


Can anyone please highlight what can be the problem here?




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