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RE: RAC File System Questions

From: Kerber, Andrew W. <>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 09:20:59 -0500
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Ok, I admit I don't know a lot about the subject, but isnt the linux clustering system gfs or something like that alsoe usable? And wouldn't that be a free filesystem?  

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Actually, OCFS is the only "free" filesystem you can use for RAC. You can also use Veritas software and HP (formerly Polyserve) software to provide a certified cluster filesystem on Linux. And, before Kevin adds it, you can also use NFS. :)

This list hasn't been updated for 11g yet, but there is some good stuff at ch_generic_linux_new.html


ASM might be a good fit for you.

The only filesystem you can use for RAC on linux is OCFS. I've setup clusters with the OCR and quorum on both filesystems and raw devices and to me the only difference is what you're more comfortable with.


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We are in the process of setting up Oracle RAC on Redhat Linux.  

I need RAC expert's comments for the following questions.  

  1. What type of filesystem are you using for Oracle datafiles?
  2. Are your implementation(s) using raw partitions or a cluster file system for the OCR and voting disks?
  3. If using raw partitions with Linux can you describe any challenges you had with device discovery?



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