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RE: ASM Risk / Rewards

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Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 18:58:12 +0200
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Alex and others,

I was a lucky guy to meet with ASM for the first time 3 years ago on a non-RAC environment on Windows2003 and I was surprised how it worked well. Although we had only 3 mirrored disks the response time for single-block I/O was about 5ms and there were about 400 users connected to the system. The I/O was really evenly spread across all 3 disks.

I have another WORA installation - a 2-node RAC which is in production now for more than one year. It is a Windows2003 + standard edition + RAC + ASM and a small storage array. I'm now administering that WORA installation more than a year and we had a lot of funny problems on this RAC, but there were no ASM related problems. I never had to do something on ASM level except startup/shutdown and some manual archivelog purging. The disk I/O response times are here normal as well.

So don't think I am a Windows fan. My personal belief is that Windows is good only for my laptop. But my experience with ASM either on Windows or Unix/Linux is very good so far.

Regards, Joze

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Repost due to over-quoting...

Interesting. Thanks Niall.
Also thanks to Chris for his reply.
Has anyone else on the list used ASM on Windows?

On 8/31/07, Niall Litchfield <> wrote:
> ASM is a requirement for SE RAC. Consequently any SE RAC customers on
> windows will be using ASM. When I was working for them the CPA applications
> for the Audit Commission (
> were
> hosted on just such a RAC database, though that may have changed since.
> ASM worked just fine - this would have been or from memory
> - so even relatively early ASM was pretty good. I wouldn't personally have
> gone with ASM at that early stage if I'd had a choice, so take my comments
> above as an endorsement.
> As far as popularity of the platform goes, last I saw Windows users
> accounted for about 30-40% of Oracle's DBMS customers (by number not value).
> It wouldn't suprise me at all if windows+asm is rather more prevalent than
> (say) hpux+asm.
> cheers
> Niall

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