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Re: How I save Cingular Wireless USD 30M

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 11:43:46 -0600
Message-ID: <>

In the midst of this engaging account of "looking and looking",
"thinking and thinking", "ruminating", and subconscious revelations
(rather than assessing traces, dumps, V$ views, truss/strace, and the
like), I was hoping to discuss the tradition whereby someone with an
unexpected monetary windfall celebrates by buying drinks all around...

...personally, I'm partial to Patron "silver", either on the rocks or chilled straight up, with a squeeze of lime...

Tom Pall wrote:
> I was asked to look into a database which was deadlocking.  This was 
> one of dozens of databases which handled switch data.  Nothing in the 
> telecoms is small.  These were up to 17 TB databases.  And they were 
> on 8i and 9i and dictionary managed.
> I looked and looked.  I could find a reason why the database was 
> deadlocking except that it was running more slowly than before (vendor 
> application which had not been changed).  I opened up an iTAR with 
> Oracle and of course got back the usual "How to tune a database" and 
> "What causes deadlocks" citations.  I was infuriated. I've been with 
> Oracle since Oracle 2, so I didn't need this.
> I thought and thought.  I ruminated.  I searched metalink.  In a dream 
> one night I had the thought "data dictionary corruption".  No 
> kidding.  In a dream.  So I searched Metalink and found script to 
> report data dictionary corruption.  I ran it and found that the 

...(edited for brevity)...

> All in all, I saved Cingular approximately USD 30M in not losing these 
> very vital databases and not having to continue to buy yet more 
> hardware as they had been doing for years before this DBA cane on the 
> scene.  I achieved increase in speed of the Oracle Engine from 2-10X 
> what it was previously. 
> What exactly did I do to fix the corruption.  Sorry, but that is 
> Oracle Confidential.  If you have this problem I can give you names 
> within Oracle but go no further.   Yes, we eventually were able to 
> convert to DMT (after even more corruption fixing) and now the problem 
> is gone.
> Tom Pall
> Oracle DBA
> (214)774-4655
-- Received on Sat Aug 25 2007 - 12:43:46 CDT

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