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RE: sqlplus and spaces in path

From: Ted Coyle <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:20:56 -0400
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All good options, but why not move the scripts to a directory path that doesn’t include spaces, or is that too easy?

If you can schedule a task you should also be able to create a folder outside the “My Documents” directory.



If my years running on Windows, I’ve never run anything out of “My Documents”. Yes, it is an option, but why bother.  


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When I have a Scheduled Task on a Windows server, I have it execute a batch file in a certain directory. The first thing the batch file does is CD to the directory where the SQL scripts are. Then you can call them and they can call each other without worrying about the path.

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08/22/2007 10:50 AM

Please respond to





sqlplus and spaces in path      

Hello All,   

I am on Oracle database My sqlplus version is   

I have a sql script in a directory with embedded spaces (for example, directory C:\Documents and Settings\Staff\My Documents\_a). This sql script includes a couple of calls to other sql scripts using @@. For example:


I can call my main sql script by enclosing the path and file name in single or double quotes. But when this sql script calls another script using @@ (eg. @@sqlfile2), sql plus returns an error like:  “SP2-0310: unable to open file "C:\Documents.sql"   

Is there any solution to this problem? Is it possible to load into sqlplus a script from a directory which has spaces in its name, and this file to call other files from the same directory with @@)?   

Thanks for any suggestions!   

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