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Re: Netbackup Client Using Wrong Server

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 13:01:38 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On 8/21/07, Allen, Brandon <> wrote:
> I think we might have to go with a reinstall.

We have found that to often be the easiest solution.

It sometimes frustrating to not know exactly why something is not working, but there is only so much time in the day.

I'm not positive that PARMS was ever working, but IIRC, we had to set those
> in order to get the backups to work initially - otherwise we would have just
> set all the NB_ORA_* parameters as regular environment variables in the
> script like we do for all our Unix clients, but those don't seem to get
> picked up consistently on Windows.

Your client is on 5.1 MP4.

Either MP4 or MP5 introduced (re-introduced maybe?) a problem with the parms parameter.

I don't have MP4 anywhere, so I don't know if the problem exists there, but it definitely does on MP5.

This works:

allocate channel t2 type 'sbt_tape'

     parms="ENV=(NB_ORA_POLICY=your_policy, NB_ORA_SERV=your_server)";

This does not work:

allocate channel t2 type 'sbt_tape'

     parms="env=(NB_ORA_POLICY=your_policy, NB_ORA_SERV=your_server)";

The difference is that the broken command has 'env=' in lower case.

Case should not matter, but it does.

This worked correctly on MP3. I spent a fair bit of time chasing this down, there
is at least one other Oracle-L thread about it.

If your script has lowercase 'env=', and you wrote the script on MP3 or less, and
patched to MP4, that could be a problem.

I have found other problems with the Veritas MML for RMAN.

For instance (MP5 again) if you are running DUPLICATE TARGET DATABASE, the PARMS= parameter will not work. You must allocate channels and use SEND.
If you don't, the DUPLICATE will fail.

There are likely more, just waiting to be discovered.


Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

Received on Tue Aug 21 2007 - 15:01:38 CDT

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