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Re: converting from a single instance database to RAC

From: Sanjay Mishra <>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 08:56:45 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>


  There are several thing that can come to picture    

  1. What is your current Database storage. It look like is standard filesystem. In RAC, you have to use shared file system which can be netApp or ASM or so. Now if it is ASM that you will use for RAC, then you cannot do switchover you planned until your existing primary database is not in ASM.

  If you want to go more detail on such an environment, look for the following link which is for Oracle 11g RAC but applied completely to ORacle 10g.    

  Now if you want to follow your procedure like to utilize standby and Switchover procedure, you can test the following    

  Configure Primary with ASM instance
  Configure RAC as per the above link or Oracle doc with RAC ASM instance running   Setup your Standby on Node 1 using RAC ASM instance   Do switchover to Standby Instance
  Convert into RAC using rconfig and same ASM set up as document in the above extensive doc list. I really like the rconfig part which is provided with screenshot and step by step. Always validate the xml script before executing the script so as to make sure that all information is correct.        

  Exp or expdp is not a good procedure for very big database as they need lots of downtime. Moreover 10g allows to do SHRINK and so high water mark can be reduced very easily which earlier need exp/imp process    

  Anyway it is the test that can give you the correct answer. But the reason it will work is that everybody is creating same kind of environment mostly in their setup where Primary environment is RAC and standby is non RAC single node and we do the switchover as required    

  What I think is to configure the RAC environment with ASM instance running. Setup the ASM dikgr        

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-- Received on Sat Aug 18 2007 - 10:56:45 CDT

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