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Re: upgrades, conversions and ora-600's! oh my!

From: fairlie rego <>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 10:01:53 +1000 (EST)
Message-ID: <>


  I have just been through an upgrade of a 2.6 Tb database where the customer moved from to and the customer has had many issues after the upgrade. They have even made it to the news columns.

  They had 5 one-off patches on and now have 16 on top of 2 of these patches were specific to the upgrade script which you could potentially hit if your database was ever a 32 bit database.   

These I believe are listed in a Metalink alert.. Also if you have temporary tablespace groups 3 indexes in AWR do not get re-created because the data model in has changed. Majority of time in the catupgrd.sql script was spent gathering stats on the AWR tables because they were huge (the customer does 30 min snapshots and stores 6 months data) but this finished in an hour's time.So the total outage time in this case was around 4 hours.   

Since the customer has more than 30 RAC services they had to be removed and re-created using the 10.2 srvctl utility.    


Robyn <> wrote:
  I am slowly accepting that we may have to recreate the databases. Unfortunately, the additional downtime is an issue for us, but I've just starting hitting the bugs in another test upgrade - the data warehouse this time. These databases support 24x7 global manufacturing, so getting a window will be tough but hitting some later variant of one of these is unacceptable.

My plan (at the moment) is to continue testing in my sandbox and I will probably run the upgrade the real test environments in a few weeks so the developers can start the real testing. (usually the upgrade is the easy part) I've been able to get the database registries valid and clean up enough to stop the ora-600's and call stack traces, but I wouldn't want to do what I've been doing in test to a production database. (although I'm having a blast hacking away in my sandbox)

Next step will be to determine the best method to transfer the data, so I'll check back through the list for suggestions. We have a planned character set conversion following shortly after this effort, so maybe we can combine them and come up with a cut over that the business can live with.

Thanks to all and if anyone has a specific suggestion on rebuilding a 2 TB database with minimal downtime, please drop me a line.


  On 8/17/07, Allen, Brandon <> wrote: I prefer to "upgrade" by creating a fresh new 10g database and using exp/imp to move the data from the old database to the new one. That's how I did my 8.0.6 > upgrade/migration and it was problem-free. As long as the extra downtime isn't a concern, this is the best way to go in my opinion. We had a big debate on this list a few (maybe several) months ago on upgrading vs. exp/imp so you might want to search the archives for that. As you've found, there are some big bugs when upgrading so I prefer to avoid those and just start with a sparkly clean, fresh smelling, new & improved 10g database rather than a bunch of crap left over from versions 8, 8i and 9i that might not have been cleaned up properly and are more likely to cause problems during the current upgrade, or future upgrades.    


  From: [] On Behalf Of Robyn

I'm working on an upgrade from to   

Just wondering how many others have seen similar issues and how they regained confidence in the core structure.

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