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RE: Invalid filehandle error from utlfile

From: Jeffrey Beckstrom <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 07:20:27 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Here is a portion of the code. If comment out the crec.s line and uncomment the Jeff line it works. Crec.s is coming from a table - I know its a horrible column name being selected into.  

c_text:= 'A' ||chr(9)||

          crec.b ||chr(9)||
          crec.c ||chr(9)||

' ' ||chr(9)||
crec.t ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
crec.g ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
crec.i ||chr(9)|| crec.j ||chr(9)|| crec.k ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
' ' ||chr(9)||
crec.r ||chr(9)|| crec.s ||chr(9); -- 'jeffhere' ||chr(9); if c_text is not null then dbms_output.put_line(c_text); dbms_output.put_line('length'||to_char(length(crec.s))); dbms_output.put_line(crec.s); utl_file.putf(fhandle,c_text||'\n'); Jeffrey Beckstrom

Database Administrator
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority 1240 W. 6th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

>>> "Dunbar, Norman" <> 8/17/07 5:45 AM >>>

Morning Jeffrey,

>> We are getting the invalid_filehandle error after outputting >> a dozen rows of data.
>> What conditions would cause this kind of error.

I have to guess here unfortunately (ducks Alex !) as you haven't posted
any code, however, based on my own past experience, it could be caused by :


Any chance we can see the before code and after code (or at least the bits that changed) - it might be easier to spot the problem.


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