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Re: No Oracle Support for 11g yet

From: Charles Schultz <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:47:48 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I have been trying unsuccessfully over the past few years to get Oracle to at least make the SRs text searchable. If they would go and add a button so each SR owner could opt to make it public, that would be all the better and then we really could see all those comments. =)

I often wonder who benefits the most from Metalink. Like Robert said, the amount of money we dump into Support sure seems like it is going to waste a lot of times.
And to balance that out with something positive (my glass is half full after all), some of those Support guys are wicked smart, and on the rare occasion you can talk to someone in development, it is practically nirvana. =)

On 8/15/07, Robert Freeman <> wrote:
> Escalate the SR. What sev is it. If it's a 4 you could end up waiting 21
> days... :-)
> This is when I start getting nasty with support. I have little patience
> for their lack of support when I sit and recall the cost of our annual
> support. Yell, scream, and tell them to get a blasted duty manager if they
> can not get their act in gear.
> Sometimes, you have to make them HEAR you... :-) You should see the text
> in some of the SR's I've done in the past.
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> Yes, someone else on the list kindly referred me to that press release
> yesterday and I passed it on to the support rep for my SR to see if that
> would convince him to support me. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for a
> response 21 hours later . . .
> Thanks
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> *From:* Peter McLarty []
> On that same point there is a press release on Oracle's website stating
> the 11g is GA, time is 5am on the 14th, maybe your SR was just a fraction
> too early
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Charles Schultz

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